December 15, 2016

From the Director

Gareth Morgan, M.D., Ph.DDear Readers,

I am pleased to share with you my excitement about discoveries in myeloma biology that are unfolding at a rapid rate and raising the bar for effective, precision treatment.

As you will learn in this issue of Myeloma, a collaborative international study has revealed gene variants that increase the risk of developing myeloma. These findings have given us new insights into the biological mechanisms of myeloma development and are helping us craft strategies for myeloma prevention.

Additionally, our talented research team is mining and integrating large data sets in order to zero in on the subtleties involved in molecular relationships and processes that support myeloma growth.

While our laboratories are busy with novel scientific investigation and our bioinformatics experts are analyzing “big data,” our clinicians are focused on delivering comprehensive patient care with compassion, expertise and overall excellence. It is the partnership between our sophisticated research and clinical components that gives us an edge in making a cure a reality.

We look to our supporters to help us maintain the momentum of our cutting-edge research and clinical care. The generosity of so many donors who believe in our program makes it possible for us to advance curative treatments and bring promise to patients worldwide.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I hope you will respond to our annual appeal in this issue of Myeloma and help us make the future brighter for patients and their families. My thanks and gratitude in advance.

Cheers and kind regards,

Gareth Morgan, M.D., Ph.D
Director, UAMS Myeloma Center