December 15, 2016

From the Editor

Janet AronsonThe development of personalized medicine approaches to treating myeloma and related diseases takes center stage in this issue of Myeloma. With a wealth of patient sample-derived data, sophisticated systems for analyzing the data, and talented experts who can interpret the analyzed data, the Myeloma Center is making significant progress in the understanding of myeloma biology at the molecular level. This enables our translational research team to get better answers to questions related to diagnosis and treatment and maximize the potential for improved health.

Making a difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones is what makes the Myeloma Center tick. It is the basis of our focus and drive, and it is exemplified by our patients’ stories. We hope all patients have access to care that is informed by advances in personalized medicine approaches and that offers a new lease on life. We welcome your comments. Feel free to contact us via email.


Janet Aronson