March 8, 2017

Colleen Loyd | Throat Cancer Survivor

“I’m celebrating today because I’m cured from cancer! It was a lot of hard work, but I give thanks to Dr. Vural and all of his staff for getting me here.

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer. There were some hard times. For a while, I couldn’t eat because of the radiation and chemo. Everything tasted bad, and I had to get a feeding tube. I hit a low spot when my hair starting falling out, but the encouragement from my family helped a lot.

Dr. Vural is a great and very caring doctor. Every time I came to him it seemed like things kept getting better and better. He gave me encouragement to keep on fighting. I could have gone to a doctor in Mountain Home, but we liked Dr. Vural so much we continued making the three-hour trip Little Rock every six months for my appointments. The CT staff and nurses were also very nice and helpful.

While I was in treatment, I went to a retreat for cancer patients on Petit Jean Mountain. It was so beautiful. There’s a lot to live for when there’s so much beauty around you. It’s also encouraging to see other people who are fighting with you. You don’t realize how many people are living with cancer until you have it yourself.

Now that I don’t have to come back for appointments anymore, I’d love to have an RV and travel across the United States. I always wanted to see Niagara Falls. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, and it was just awesome to see something like that in person.

We’re both retired now, so we do whatever we decide to do. We live from day to day, celebrate every day, and live life to the fullest.”

Colleen Loyd
Throat cancer survivor
Salem, Ark.