March 22, 2017

Keith W. Maddison | Rectal Cancer Survivor

“Since being diagnosed with cancer, I’ve started making my minutes count and living my life more fully. Nothing in life is unimportant, however you start to look at your priorities. From now on, I will take a moment to ‘smell the roses.’

It’s important to trust in your doctors. There will be good and bad days, and at times you will feel overwhelmed. Your doctors understand that and are there for you.

Having good conversation and someone to lean on is also important when you feel low. My friend, Mark, gave that to me. He drove me to every appointment and sat with me while I was undergoing treatment.

Participating in the Seed of Hope ceremony was very emotional. It was incredible to have the doctors and other staff members come down from the clinic to celebrate with me.”

Keith W. Maddison
Rectal cancer survivor
Little Rock, Ark.