July 27, 2017

From the Director

Gareth Morgan, M.D., Ph.DDear Readers,

Quality of life for patients is a top priority at the Myeloma Center.  Our team is committed to providing a comprehensive, holistic experience, including effective disease management and emotional support for patients, family members and caregivers. We believe that patients should be able to live their lives as fully as possible with minimal side effects from treatment.

Bone disease is a significant complication of myeloma that affects a majority of patients. In this issue we describe how we are exploring ways to combat bone disease and give patients improved, pain-free mobility. Our researchers, in collaboration with colleagues in other specialties, such as orthopaedics and radiology, are investigating the nuances of bone remodeling at the cellular level.

Also in this issue are two patient stories that attest to living life fully with a high quality of life. We are continually inspired by the perseverance and inner strength of our patients.

Our steadfast mission is to provide the highest level of comprehensive care for the best outcomes and optimal living, while researching new methods of targeted treatment that lead to cure.

Cheers and kind regards,

Gareth Morgan, M.D., Ph.D
Director, UAMS Myeloma Center