July 27, 2017

Partners in Care

Bobbie Rainey receiving a post-surgery exam by orthopaedic surgeon Corey Montgomery, M.D.

Bobbie Rainey from Gould, Arkansas, came to the Myeloma Center in September of 2010.  She was experiencing pain all over her body, especially her lower back, legs and arms, in addition to other symptoms of myeloma.

Due to a persistent bone lesion in the humerus (a long bone of the upper arm that extends from the shoulder to the elbow) that put her at risk for fracture, Rainey’s Myeloma Center physician, Maurizio Zangari, M.D., sent her in 2015 to UAMS orthopaedic surgeon Corey Montgomery, M.D., who performed open reduction internal fixation, known as ORIF, with wires and cement.

The result for Rainey was markedly improved quality of life: “Less pain in my arm and I didn’t have to be protective of it.”

She said that Montgomery was a true partner in her care.

“He’s a wonderful spiritual physician, he made me feel very comfortable, I had all the confidence in him. Having the surgery and entrusting Dr. Montgomery to perform it was the best thing I could have done.”