November 9, 2017

Sarah Bauldree | Ovarian Cancer Survivor

“It’s been five years since I was diagnosed with stage 1C ovarian cancer. During that time, I have learned to depend on those around me and appreciate all their efforts on my behalf. I am always looking for ways to care for others and be more sympathetic to their needs.

My husband was my rock each and every day. He held himself together and stayed strong for me. Even when he didn’t know I was feeling weak, he was always strong.

One of the things that cancer really made me appreciate was my hair! After it grew back out and got the point where I could actually get it cut, I was so happy! Little things like that become so important when you’re faced with a cancer diagnosis.

Exercise was also vital for me. I feel like it kept me alive. Even if you are only walking a little bit each day, it helps with your mental and physical ability to push through the difficult days and weeks.  I just finished a half marathon and will be running a full marathon for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in a few months.

Participating in the Seed of Hope ceremony made me feel proud and humble. I’m especially thankful for the women and men who work in my clinic that came down to celebrate with me.”

Sarah Bauldree
Ovarian cancer survivor
El Dorado, Arkansas