December 4, 2017

Laura Drake | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

Laura Drake | Multiple Myeloma Survivor“In 2013, I was having some infections treated by my primary care physician. In the process of the treatments and blood work, it was discovered that I had multiple myeloma. I was referred to a doctor in Texas, but through my own research I discovered UAMS. Everything pointed to the fact that I should come here.

I came here for treatment eights over my first year and stayed about three and a half weeks each time. I’ve been in remission since January 2014 and finished three years of maintenance therapy in July 2017.

This place is not just on the cutting edge of research, it also became my comfort zone. I knew everything done here would be exactly right. There is a built-in support group among the patients, and the staff treats you like family. I actually look forward to coming back so I can see all of the people who loved me through the hard times.”

Laura Drake
Multiple myeloma survivor
Idalou, Texas