January 12, 2018

Sarah Newman | Breast Cancer Survivor

“Today means a lot. We’ve been through so much. We found out in August that I had cancer. Only being 33, I don’t have routine mammograms. I actually found it myself. My son is always crawling all over me, and he truly saved my life. He was pressing on my chest and when I went to move him I felt a lump on my breast. I felt it on a Wednesday and by Friday we knew it was cancer. We were able to attack it from the beginning.

Dr. Makhoul is my oncologist and we love him. He is amazing. We live about two hours away from Little Rock. My treatments were every three weeks and the clinic has been great about trying to get all of my appointments lined up on the same day so we didn’t have to travel quite as often.

I haven’t had one treatment without my mom or my mother-in-law being here. They’ve helped throughout the week with the kids. Our church family and literally hundreds of people have reached out and supported us.

You always have to look at the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s hard to explain this experience to people who have never been through it before. Our motto has been that we will stay positive and whatever comes, we will handle it. Having kids also motivates you to stay more optimistic. It makes me a fighter because I want to be here for them.

I am so thankful to the Cancer Institute and to my family and friends for their support.”

Sarah Newman
Breast cancer survivor
Nash, Texas