March 22, 2018

Sarah A. Steele | Ovarian Cancer Survivor

“I was walking my boxer, Duke, when he pulled me off balance and I fell. About 15 minutes later, I started having excruciating pain in my abdomen. I went to the emergency room in Batesville, and from a CT scan they found the cancer. God used my dog that day to save my life. He’s my hero.

I did some research and came here to be treated by Dr. Burnett. He said there was definitely a mass, but he wouldn’t know exactly what it was until he operated. He asked how quickly I wanted to have the surgery, and I said ASAP. There was a cancellation five days later, so I had surgery Sept. 26. It showed I had stage 2 ovarian cancer.

I went back to work Oct. 5. I didn’t want to sit around. It hurt, but I got up and walked more and more as I could tolerate it. I finally was able to walk my boxer around the block again. To get back into shape, I’m starting what’s called the Daniel Plan at church which focuses on physical and spiritual fitness and diet.

Now, I look forward to doing whatever God has planned for me. I am writing a book on domestic violence. It’s been a long process, but if just one person who reads it figures out they don’t have to be a victim, it will be worth it.”

Sarah A. Steele
Ovarian cancer survivor
Batesville, Ark.