April 13, 2018

Ronald Patterson | Esophageal cancer survivor

“I started my treatment with chemo and radiation at Highlands Oncology Group near my home in Northwest Arkansas. Then, we did some research and found Dr. Matthew Steliga through a recommendation from a colleague who had been treated at UAMS. Even before we got that recommendation, though, we had read about Dr. Steliga on the internet and decided that he was someone we probably needed to see.

Dr. Steliga performed surgery on Jan. 19, and that was the cure for my cancer. The pathology report came back and showed that I am free of cancer!

My wife is absolutely part of my recovery, and my son and daughter were very supportive and happy about the news. Our experience at UAMS has been fantastic. Everyone has been very professional. I had nurses who were outstanding, and the whole medical team has been very responsive. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Ronald Patterson
Esophageal cancer survivor
Rogers, Ark.