April 18, 2018

Terry Seiter | Breast Cancer Survivor


Terry Seiter Breast cancer survivor“Today I am celebrating the final of six chemo treatments. In 2010, I had breast cancer and went through chemo and radiation in Conway. Then, lo and behold, in October 2017 I found another lump. It wasn’t a recurrence. It was in the opposite breast and was a different type of cancer.

I switched my treatment to UAMS and have been thrilled to death. Dr. Makhoul is my oncologist, and he is fabulous. Now, I’m waiting to have surgery, and hopefully that will be it.

I have met so many wonderful people, especially in Infusion Clinic 1. Even though everyone there is so busy, they are also so empathetic and compassionate. They are as compassionate and funny as they can be. I love each and every one of them. You start feeling like they are part of your family because you see them so often. I’m blessed to have known them. Everyone here will be in my prayers. You can count on that.”

Terry Seiter
Breast cancer survivor
Conway, Ark.