May 21, 2018

Deric Colclough | Throat Cancer Survivor

“It all started back in October 2017. I noticed I had a knot on my throat. Being so hard headed, I let it go on. In January, I decided to come to the doctor and that’s when they told me I had throat cancer. They set up appointments here at the Cancer Institute starting in February.

I was treated by Dr. Atiq. He’s a good, well-minded doctor, and I appreciate him.

First of all, I give the honor to God. He put my wife in my life to be my support, along with children, my church family and my employees. He is the mastermind of it all, and I thank him.

Now, I’m in the healing process and getting back to do the work that God has for me to do. I try to save as many souls as I can while I’m here on earth, and from there I want to spend time with my family and try to go back to work. The people I work with have been so supportive to me and my family.

I tell people to keep believing in God and thank Him each and every day for what He has done for you. He’s the reason I made it through.”

Deric Colclough
Throat cancer survivor
Little Rock, Ark.