May 9, 2018

Karen Hisel | Lung Cancer Survivor

“This is my third year being free from lung cancer! I never thought I would have lung cancer. Of course, no one ever expects anything like that. My doctor is the wonderful Dr. Steliga. He is a fabulous surgeon. His team is fabulous. UAMS is fabulous. Honestly, I’m alive today because of them.

I thank God for modern technology every day. I was having abdominal pain and went in for a CT scan in Hot Springs. That’s when they happened to find the spot on my lung. After I had a lung biopsy, the pulmonologist sent me here.

I was diagnosed about two weeks before I had surgery in April 2015. It wasn’t an emergency, but the pulmonologist moved quickly to get me in with Dr. Steliga. He said we could go ahead with surgery. I told him, let’s do it, so that’s what we did.

I was so lucky that they caught it early, so it hadn’t spread. I didn’t need any chemo. I’m overjoyed, and I have been from the get-go.

I had a feeling that everything would turn out well from the start. I was so impressed with UAMS and the team. I can’t praise Dr. Steliga enough. Even though I don’t live in Little Rock, this will be my health system of choice for any other health issues I might have. I feel very blessed to have encountered UAMS.

Everyone has their own internal mechanisms for dealing with fear and mortality. I feel like my faith was an important underlying factor for me, but the fact that everything went so smoothly made me feel really secure that it would be fine. It’s so important to trust your medical team and know that God has your hand the whole time.”

Karen Hisel
Lung cancer survivor
Hot Springs, Ark.