June 18, 2018

Mary Ann Creemer | Breast Cancer Survivor

“I found two lumps in my breast in May 2017 and went to see my doctor in Dardanelle. Because I previously had cervical cancer, she ran a CT scan and said she was pretty sure it was cancer. After that, I came to UAMS and confirmed that I had tumors in both breasts, and it had already spread to my lymph nodes.

In June, my potassium dropped and they asked me to stay in Little Roc for three days so I could be treated. I ended up staying here until December. My son lives here, so I stayed with him. It helped a lot having him take care of me.

I spent four days in the hospital in July, and ended up in a wheelchair. Sometimes I was here seven days a week getting potassium infusions. But I fought my way back.

Now, I’m ready to being normal again. It may sound silly, but I look forward to buying new blouses and not wondering if I’ll be able to wear them during my infusion treatments.

I met so many people while I was here. The nurses are wonderful. I only have good things to say about UAMS. They are here for you and get you through it.”

Mary Ann Creemer
Breast cancer survivor
Pottsville, Ark.