July 20, 2018

Rene Jones | Throat Cancer Survivor

“I would describe myself as blessed. I had a sore throat for five weeks that wouldn’t go away. After I began having difficulty breathing, I taken by ambulance to the hospital in Russellville. After some testing they diagnosed me with COPD and asthma and sent me home with antibiotics and steroids.

After two weeks, the sore throat lingered. The doctor scoped my throat and referred me to Dr. Moreno at UAMS. He told me that I had stage 4 cancer and recommended surgery the next day. I wasn’t prepared for that. I wanted to wait until after Christmas so my children could hear my voice one last time.

I had surgery on Dec. 27 to remove my voice box. After the surgery, I underwent six weeks of radiation treatments. I hope I can get a new voice box in the future, so I can speak more clearly.”

Rene Jones
Throat cancer survivor
Atkins, Arkansas