August 23, 2019

Jeannette Y. Lee, Ph.D.

Department of Biostatistics
UAMS College of Medicine

Research Interest Statement

Dr. Lee is a biostatistician whose primary cancer research focus is in clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of malignancies in persons living with HIV/AIDS. She has been involved in the statistical design and analysis of phase I-III therapeutic trials and studies aimed at cancer screening and prevention.

She currently directs the Statistical Center for the AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC), the only NCI-funded multicenter clinical trial group that focuses on cancers in the HIV/AIDS population. Although many early-phase studies are conducted in the United States, the AMC has expanded its focus overseas with the addition of sites in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. She and her colleagues recently reported on a study of cisplatin and radiation therapy in HIV-infected women with cervical cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa. The AMC is currently engaged in a large-scale trial to assess cancer prevention studies in HIV-infected men with high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions.

Dr. Lee is also involved in the AMC’s plans to assess the clinical trials training needs among AMC investigators and to coordinate professional development presentations to enhance knowledge of methods for designing and implementing clinical trials. This activity will increase workforce capacity in this area.

Dr. Lee’s Grants


MPI: Lee, Jeannette

MPI: Snowden, Jessica

Title “Data Coordinating and Operations Center for the IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network”

09/23/2016 to 08/31/2020


*$0 cancer-related annual direct costs


NCI-UCLA Sub-award

UAMS PI: Lee, Jeannette

Title “AIDS Malignancy Statistical Center Consortium-Director”

09/01/2015 to 08/31/2020


*cancer-related annual direct costs

Dr. Lee’s UAMS Collaborators

Issam Makhoul, M.D. (Department of Internal Medicine)

Laura Hutchins, M.D. (Department of Internal Medicine)

Fred Prior, Ph.D. (Department of Biomedical Informatics)

Dr. Lee’s External Collaborators

Ronald Mitsuyasu, M.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Joseph Sparano, M.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine Montefiore Medical Center

Erin Reid, M.D., University of California, San Diego

Mark Einstein, M.D., Rutgers Medical Center

Richard Ambinder, M.D., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Opportunities for Collaboration

I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues at UAMS. My scientific expertise is in the design and analysis of clinical trials that range from dose-finding studies of oncologic agents to large pragmatic studies conducted in real-world settings. Please stop by to discuss new projects or collaborations.

You May Not Know That …

I really enjoy traveling around the world and exploring different cultures.

Recent Cancer-Related Publications

  • Makhoul I, Griffin RJ, Siegel E, Lee J, Dhakal I, Raj V, Jamshidi-Parsian A, Klimberg S, Hutchins LF, Kadlubar S. High Circulating Tie-2 is Associated with Pathologic Complete Response to Chemotherapy and Antiangiogenic Therapy in Breast Cancer. American Journal of Clinical Oncology 39(3):248-54, June 2016.
  • Sparano JA, Lee JY, Palefsky J, Henry DH, Wachsman W, Rajdev L, Aboulafia D, Ratner L, Fitzgerald TJ, Kachnic L, Mitsuyasu R. Cetuximab plus Chemoradiotherapy for Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Associated Anal Carcinoma: A Phase II AIDS Malignancy Consortium Trial (AMC045).  J Clin Oncol 35(7): 718-726, March 2017.
  • Lee JY, Dhakal I, Casper C, Noy A, Palefsky JM, Haigentz M, Krown SE, Ambinder RF, Mitsuyasu RT. Risk of cancer among commercially insured HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapy.  Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, epub November 2, 2016. PMC5110893.
  • Makhoul I, Todorova V, Siegel E, Erickson S, Dhakal I, Raj V, Lee J, Sorloff M, Griffin R, Henry-Tillman R, Klimberg S, Hutchins L, Kadlubar S. Germline Genetic Variants in TEK, ANGPT1, ANGPT2, MMP9, FGF2 and VEGFA are Associated with Pathologic Complete Response to Bevacizumab in Breast Cancer Patients.  PLoS One 12(1):e0168550, January 3, 2017.
  • Ramos JC, Sparanos JA, Rudek M, Moore PC, Cesarman E, Reid EG, Henry D, Ratner L, Aboulafia D, Lee JY, Ambinder RF, Mitsuyasu R, Noy A. Safety and Preliminary Efficacy of Vorinostat with R-EPOCH in High-risk HIV-associated Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (AMC-075). Clin Lymphoma Myeloma Leuk 18(3): 180-190. March 2018. PMC in progress.
  • Tan CR, Barta SK, Lee J, Rudek MA, Sparano JA, Noy A. Antiretroviral therapy accelerates immune recovery in AIDS-lymphoma treated with EPOCH: a single trial comparison AMC034.  Leukemia and Lymphoma, epub November 21, 2017: 1-10. PMC5962410.
  • Wagner-Johnston ND, Lensing S, Noy A, Ratner L, Henry D, Lee JY, Silver S, Faham M, Ambinder RF. High Frequency of Identical Clonal Immunoglobulin DNA in Pre-Treatment Tumor and Plasma from Untreated Patients with HIV-Associated Lymphoma: Prospective Multicenter Trial of the AIDS Malignancies Consortium (AMC 064). Leukemia and Lymphoma. December 2017; 58(12):2939-2942.
  • Burkhalter JE, Aboulafia DM, Botello-Harbaum M, Lee JY. Participant characteristics and clinical trial decision-making factors in AIDS Malignancy Consortium treatment trials for HIV-infected persons with cancer (AMC #S006).  HIV Clin Trials 19(6):235-241, December 2018. PMC6428211
  • Reid EG, Looney D, Maldarelli F, Noy A, Henry D, Aboulafia D, Ramos JC, Sparano J, Ambinder R, Lee J, Cesarman E, Yahyaei S, Mituyasu R, Wachsman. AMC-053: safety and efficacy of an oncolytic viral strategy using bortezomib with Ice/R in relapsed/refractory HIV-positive lymphomas.  Blood Advances 2(24):3618-3626, December 26, 2018.  PMC6306883
  • Einstein MH, Ndlovu N, Lee J, Stier EA, Kotzen J, Garg M, Whitney K, Lensing SY, Tunmer M, Kadzatsa W, Palefsky J, Krown SE. Cisplatin and Radiation Therapy in HIV-Infected Women with Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gynecol Oncol 153(1):20-25, April 1, 2019. PMC6430646