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September 13, 2018

Robert Pool | Soft Tissue Sarcoma Survivor

Robert Pool Soft tissue sarcoma survivor

“I had a lump on my arm and went to the doctor in Mountain Home. He did a biopsy and saw that it was cancer. He operated on it, but we found out later that he didn’t get it all. Then, that doctor helped us transfer to UAMS where I saw Dr. Corey Montgomery. He…

Christy Harrison | Breast Cancer Survivor

Christy Harrison Breast cancer survivor

“Today was my eighth and final chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I was diagnosed the Monday after Easter 2018. I had been at another treatment facility and had some pathology reports that showed the cancer was in my lymph nodes. However, we didn’t know where the primary cancer was located. I got an appointment to…

Therrell R. Mullens | Bladder Cancer Survivor

Therrell R. Mullens Bladder cancer survivor

“I thought I had a bladder infection and made an appointment with a urologist near my home. I had to wait two months to see him, and when I did he told me I needed surgery. He operated a week later, and then I had to make a choice on where to go for further…

Gwen Kleiser | Breast Cancer Survivor

Gwen Kleiser Breast cancer survivor

“It’s been a roller coaster since I was diagnosed on Nov. 20, 2017. I’ve been through all the emotions. The sadness. The ‘why me?’ The anger. But then I turned it over to God and said, ‘This journey is what you chose for me. Hold my hand and lead the way.’ He led me here….

September 5, 2018

Dorothy Dowery | Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Dorothy Dowery Ovarian cancer survivor

“Today is my last chemo treatment, praise the Lord. I was diagnosed in November 2017 and received treatment for six months. I’m in a whirlwind, and I haven’t landed yet. My sisters, Patricia and Barbara, and sister-by-friendship, Pam, came with me today. My church family and my husband have been there for me through this…

July 20, 2018

Rene Jones | Throat Cancer Survivor

Rene Jones

“I would describe myself as blessed. I had a sore throat for five weeks that wouldn’t go away. After I began having difficulty breathing, I taken by ambulance to the hospital in Russellville. After some testing they diagnosed me with COPD and asthma and sent me home with antibiotics and steroids. After two weeks, the…

June 4, 2018

Jerry Frazier | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

Jerry Frazier

“UAMS is an excellent place. I really don’t want to leave. This is my family. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in Texarkana and came to UAMS on Sept. 17, 2014. When I got here, I was almost paralyzed. I was admitted to the hospital for three weeks and two days as soon as I…

May 21, 2018

Donna Duckworth | Multiple Myeloma Survivor


“It has truly been a journey in my life, of my life and for my life. I first need to give thanks to the Almighty God for his amazing divine covering and healing. I want to thank my doctor for his commitment to my health care and his patience in dealing with me. I also…

Deric Colclough | Throat Cancer Survivor

Deric Colclough Throat cancer survivor

“It all started back in October 2017. I noticed I had a knot on my throat. Being so hard headed, I let it go on. In January, I decided to come to the doctor and that’s when they told me I had throat cancer. They set up appointments here at the Cancer Institute starting in…

Dale Bizzell | Colon Cancer Survivor

Dale Bozzell Colon cancer survivor

“I knew I was sick three or four years ago, but being hard headed I wouldn’t give up. When I finally went to the doctor in DeQueen, she told me to go to the hospital in Nashville because I needed some blood. She said I didn’t have enough blood to be walking around. When I…

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