Get Involved

Myeloma Center Ambassador Program 

The Myeloma Center has enlisted a team of experienced patient ambassadors across the U.S. to serve as advisors and sounding boards for new patients.

Experienced patients know better than anyone what new patients are going through. They can be good listeners and alleviate concerns.

If you are interested in becoming one of our Patient Ambassadors please contact Sonya Thornes at 501-804-3557 or email 

Myeloma Volunteer Program

Specially trained volunteers assist new patients on their first day of diagnostic testing by escorting them to appointments. The MVP volunteers, also known as “Most Vital Pals,” help new patients navigate the campus as they provide warm and welcoming hospitality.  Interested in becoming a MVP?  Contact Susan Jones at

Host a “Fun”raising Event

You can organize events and activities that generate funds for the benefit of the Myeloma Center.  Involve your family, friends and colleagues, and let them know how important the Myeloma Center is to you.

Be creative! Your event can be something as simple as a bake sale or a raffle or more elaborate, such as a golf tournament or 5K run.

You and those who participate will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped patients worldwide by supporting the Myeloma Center and its research initiatives.

Need ideas? See what some of our supporters have done.

Let us know if you are interested in hosting an event. We would be delighted to assist you. And, we can help make sure that UAMS guidelines regarding “third party events” are followed.

Please note: Permission is required to use any UAMS and/or UAMS Myeloma Center logo or to use of the name of UAMS or UAMS Myeloma Center. 

We are very grateful to those who have hosted events and undertaken activities in support of our mission to develop curative treatments for myeloma and related diseases.