Fundraising Ideas from Supporters

Be Active and Raise Awareness!

  • Nine bicycle rides, over 2,271 total miles, and more than $165,000 raised! Al Wolfson of Lakewood Ranch, Florida is committed to a cause, namely the ground-breaking research at the UAMS Myeloma Center. Al has completed nine 200+ mile bicycle rides along scenic routes in the U.S. and Canada with the goal of raising funds for research. Enlisting friends and colleagues to sponsor his annual treks, Al has spread awareness about multiple myeloma and the work of the Myeloma Center.
  • A dedicated family climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and received online contributions toward their charities of choice, including the Myeloma Center. What an amazing adventure!

Involve the Family!

  • Two children asked family and friends to make donations in lieu of birthday presents, one in honor of her father, the other in honor of his grandmother. What a lovely idea!
  • There is nothing like an old-fashioned lemonade stand, run by eager, entrepreneurial youth, to pull in a steady stream for a good cause. The Armbruster boys of Metairie, Louisiana, helped their uncle by raising money to support myeloma research. Lemonade, cookies and smiles won over their customers. 

Everyone Loves a Good Party!

  • Two patients joined together to ask their friends, family, and colleagues to support the Myeloma Center and make donations in their honor. As a thank-you, they invited everyone to a fun-filled party!
  • Seaside Support–A generous supporter held a cocktail party near the beach where guests made contributions to the Myeloma Center. 

Be Creative!

  • Use your talents! That’s what seventeen-year old Bailey McNeill from Raleigh, North Carolina did, when she turned her passion for jewelry-making into an entrepreneurial avenue for supporting research at the Myeloma Center.  Using sparkling rocks collected in the North Carolina Mountains, Bailey creates one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets, sells them via her website, and donates half of her proceeds to the Myeloma Center.
  • Wear your support and create awareness! One supporter had T-shirts made, sold them to friends and family, and donated the proceeds to the Myeloma Center.
  • Sending personal appeal letters to friends helped one supporter donate thousands of dollars toward the cutting-edge research conducted at the Myeloma Center.

Ready to Start Your Own Fundraising Story? 

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