Forging the Path to Cure Research Campaign


A Philanthropic Research Campaign at the UAMS Myeloma Center

At the Myeloma Center, the possibilities are endless.  To accelerate discoveries, bring novel treatments into practice, and continue to lead the transformation of myeloma research and care around the world, the Myeloma Center is kicking off a philanthropic campaign to fund our strategic priorities in research and patient care.

This is a very exciting time for the Myeloma Center. We are conducting advanced research that is breaking barriers to cure through targeted, personalized treatment approaches.  We are identifying characteristics of each patient’s disease through the power of molecular genomics. Our team of dynamic scientists and clinical experts collaborate to determine the best treatment for each patient, leading to faster and better outcomes.

We believe we can best help patients through these advances in individualized treatments. Your support makes it possible for us to continue to expand the boundaries of research, giving patients the personalized treatment and care they deserve and need for optimal health.

Please join us in advancing myeloma research and care by providing support to fund opportunities such as: 

Center for Molecular Diagnostics

“The Myeloma Center has established itself as a leader in developing precision medicine strategies, and we’re happy to support it in continuing that standard of innovation and excellence.” -- Bob Hugin, chairman and CEO of Celgene Corp.

“The Myeloma Center has established itself as a leader in developing precision medicine strategies, and we’re happy to support it in continuing that standard of innovation and excellence.” — Bob Hugin, chairman and CEO of Celgene Corp.

In March 2015, the Myeloma Center received a generous gift from Celgene Corporation to establish the Bart Barlogie Center for Molecular Diagnostics, creating an exciting opportunity for the next generation of revolutionary transformation in myeloma care.

The use and refinement of genomics and other novel diagnostic tools will enable the development of personalized medicine strategies aimed at targeting the distinct genetic signals that affect each patient’s disease. Through a deeper understanding of the molecular changes that take place in myeloma, the Myeloma Center will be better equipped to identify the most appropriate drug therapies that will produce the best outcomes with minimal toxicity and that will make a cure truly achievable for the majority of patients.   The Center focuses on the translation of discovery to clinical applications, allowing us to develop novel treatments for optimal effectiveness and ultimately, cure for patients with myeloma and related diseases. 

Endowment for Research

Establishing an endowment will enable the recruitment and retention of leading myeloma specialists and provide support for innovative research that transforms the way we diagnose, treat, and care for myeloma and related diseases. A solid endowment ensures a steady stream of usable funds to support our research over the long-term.  Certain endowed gifts include naming opportunities.  Recognized through a philanthropic commitment, named gifts provide an annual source of funds to advance the healthcare of patients at the Myeloma Center and beyond.

Phase I Clinical Trials Program

daviesThe clinical landscape for myeloma patients has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, with the Myeloma Center being pivotal in the development of many of the new anti-myeloma therapies.

To ensure that patient outcomes continue to improve and that patients have access to such innovative therapies, we are embarking on a new initiative to develop a dedicated Phase I Clinical Trials Program. Led by internationally recognized clinician and researcher, Dr. Faith Davies, this program will offer novel therapeutic agents to myeloma patients as well as to the wider cancer patient population in the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute.

The unit will have dedicated inpatient and outpatient facilities, allowing for the comprehensive assessment of new anti-cancer therapies, including pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics analysis, as well as state-of-the-art imaging and molecular diagnostics. Additionally, the unit will be able to run both commercial and investigator-initiated phase I studies to ensure that promising basic research findings from the Myeloma Center and other UAMS programs can be translated quickly into the clinical environment for patient benefit. By embarking on this initiative we are strengthening our commitment to bring new scientific discoveries and novel agents to patients with myeloma and other diseases across the globe.

We invite you to read our Case for Support and learn more about our research directions and to join us in our mission to cure myeloma.

Every gift, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to the cure. Funds raised by the Myeloma Center support innovative programs and researchers who are working every day toward realizing our vision of a world without cancer.

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