The Myeloma Center is a proud event partner of the 2018 Big Dam Bridge Cycling Tour

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No Pedals?  No Problem. Here’s How You Can Help
Big Dam Bridge 100 Cycling Tour Registration Dates, Schedule, Parking, Course Maps

The Ride for Research Story

The UAMS Myeloma Center’s “Ride for Research” team participated in the Big Dam Bridge 100 on Sept. 23 to raise awareness of myeloma and $75,000 for research.

The UAMS Myeloma Center’s “Ride for Research” team participated in the Big Dam Bridge 100 on Sept. 23 to raise awareness of myeloma and $75,000 for research.

Every day, our patients inspire us.
They are determined and relentless.  And so are we.

Each year, cyclists from around the nation travel to participate in Arkansas’ largest cycling tour known as the Big Dam Bridge 100. The event, named for the 4226-foot Big Dam bridge that connects 15 miles of scenic trails in central Arkansas, hosts almost 3000 riders and continues to grow each year.

In 2017, Myeloma Center Director, Dr. Gareth Morgan, decided to ride in the Big Dam Bridge 100 Cycling Tour as a way to recognize and honor patients who are fighting multiple myeloma and related blood cancers.  But it didn’t stop there.  Dr. Morgan encouraged others to join him in the Ride for Research by forming a team of staff, patients, family members, friends, to help raise funds for research and increase awareness of the disease within the community.  With over 80 riders, the Myeloma Center had the largest team participating in BDB 100, pedaling almost 4000 total miles for myeloma research.

This year’s BDB 100 takes place on September 29, 2018, and the Myeloma Center team is gearing up and preparing to go the distance again to accelerate discoveries today that will bring more cures for patients tomorrow.

Together, we ride so that patients can live longer, healthier lives.

The BDB 100 cycling tour offers the option to cycle 14, 26, 50, 68, or 100 miles.  The event starts on River Front Drive and Willow in North Little Rock and finishes adjacent the Wyndham Hotel in the Argenta District of downtown North Little Rock with a block party and live music. Event participants will receive maps, access to numerous aid stations and volunteer support, an event T-shirt, finisher product, and food and drinks!

By participating in the Myeloma Center’s Ride for Research, you are doing much more than just riding your bike. You are now a part of a team that joins together in an effort to raise funds for research and increases awareness of multiple myeloma and related cancers.  So, whether you are a seasoned pro, new the cycling crowd, or just want to support the cause, we are excited you are here!

To join:

  1. Register to ride in the Big Dam Bridge 100 Cycling Tour, which offers riders the option to cycle 14, 26, 50, 68, or 100 miles.
  2. After registering, sign up to join the Ride for Research team. Be sure to let us know your jersey size, because it’s on us!
  3. Receive team updates and events by email and get ready to have some fun!

No Pedals?  No Problem. Here’s How You Can Help.

Whether you can’t make it on September 29th, or cycling just isn’t your thing, there are other ways you can be a part of the Ride for Research.

Make a Donation

Each year we rely on the generosity of our supporters to help us carry out our mission of accelerating curative therapies for myeloma and related diseases through an integrated program of innovative research and high-quality, comprehensive patient care. Your contribution offers the opportunity to make a remarkable impact by providing the resources needed to fund our most important work.

Years ago, a myeloma diagnosis meant that a patient could only expect to survive a couple of years. But the Myeloma Center’s research and clinical advancements have helped change that landscape dramatically.  In fact, few types of cancer research have seen more progress in the last decade than multiple myeloma, driven in large part to work done at the Myeloma Center.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have funded research that has led to new and better treatments resulting in survival outcomes that far surpass that of the national average.   Today, we have many patients who are living 10, 20, or even 25 years after their initial myeloma diagnosis.  This is why the Myeloma Center was the first to challenge the widely considered notion that myeloma remains an incurable disease.

But there is more work to be done.  There are more patients to be cured.

Your donation will help us fund research that integrates scientific discovery with new and exciting clinical applications. Your gift can impact what is possible for patients, now and in the future. Every gift, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to a cure for all patients.

Make a Secure Gift Online

To Make a Gift by Check:

Please Make Your Check Payable to:
UAMS Myeloma Center
Please Write “Ride for Research” in the Memo Line

Mail to:

UAMS Myeloma Center
4301 West Markham, Slot 816
Little Rock, AR 72205

Help Raise Research Funds

Advances in cancer treatment depend on advances in cancer research. The Myeloma Center is determined to beat multiple myeloma and other blood cancers by powering innovative research to cure more patients now and in the future.   Every step we make toward beating multiple myeloma and other blood cancers relies heavily on every dollar raised.

If you want to fight with us, join the battle by helping us to raise funding for research that can help save the lives of patients around the world. You don’t need ride to participate!

We can help you get started by providing you additional information, including examples of fundraising emails and social media posts to share with your friends, family, and co-workers!

Start fundraising now.

2018 Big Dam Bridge 100 Information  

free parking

Register for the BDB100

Registration Dates

Entry Dates Individuals Individuals Individuals Tandems
All Times (CST) 50/68/100 Mile 26 Mile 14 Mile All Distances
3/1 (6:00am) – 3/15 (11:59pm)(Early Bird Pricing) $35 $25 $25 $70
3/16 – 7/31 (11:59pm) $45 $35 $25 $85
8/1 – 9/12 (11:59pm) $53 $45 $30 $99
9/12 – 9/27 thru 4:00pm $59.95 $55 $35 $109
Onsite Reg 9/28 – 9/29 $64 $59 $40 $119.95

2018 Big Dam Bridge 100 Weekend Schedule

Date Time Schedule
September 27 4:00pm Online registration closes
September 28 10am -8pm Big Dam Bridge 100 Expo – On-site Registration
and Packet Pick-up at the Statehouse Convention
Center in Little Rock
September 28 6:00-8:00pm Gears and Beers Athlete Reception .
Old State House Museum, 300 W Markham St,
Little Rock, AR 72201.
Just a half a block for the Convention
center where packet pick up is held.
Light finger foods, drinks,
music free to athletes
September 29 5:00-6:30am LATE Packet Pick-up
(ORBEA USA Head Quarters, Location Map here)
Last pick up for all distances is 6:30am
September 29 5:30am Staging for all distance rides opens.
Remember to go to your designated corral.
September 29 6:55am Rider groups start.
River Front Drive at Willow in North Little Rock
Tandems / Charter – 6:50am
Blue Corral – 6:55am
Yellow Corral – 6:55am
Green Corral – 6:55am
This will be a continuous start.
All corrals will be started at 6:55am.
No late Starts are allowed.
September 29 9:00am BDB 100 Finale’ Fest area opens – Inside the Sea wall Riverfront Park, NLR
ar the south end of Willow street in North Little Rock.
September 29 3:30pm 2 Rivers Park, Aid Station #9, (mile 90) closes.
All riders must depart this station by 3:30pm or
they will be provided a Trolley ride back to the finish.
September 29 4:00pm Burns Park, Aid Station#10, (mile 95) closes.
All riders must depart this station by 4:00pm or they
will be provided a Trolley ride back to the finish.
September 29 4:30pm Finish Line Closes
September 29 9:00am – 4:30pm Finish line festivities. Food, Drink, and Fun!