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Whether you are riding in the event, donating, or helping us to raise funding, you are part of the Ride for Research team that joins together to honor cancer survivors, spread the word to increase awareness, and raise money to help the Myeloma Center save lives.

Helping us fundraise is a great way to become an active participant in the fight against multiple myeloma and related blood cancers.  Together, we can fight faster, harder, and stronger than we ever have before.

Ride for Research Morgan and team

Where the Money Goes

100% of every dollar raised goes directly to fund research at the Myeloma Center.

Years ago, a myeloma diagnosis meant that a patient could only expect to survive a couple of years. But the Myeloma Center’s research and clinical advancements have helped change that landscape dramatically.  In fact, few types of cancer research have seen more progress in the last decade than multiple myeloma, driven in large part to work done at the Myeloma Center.

With the vast improvement in overall survival, the Myeloma Center was the first to challenge the widely considered notion that myeloma remains an incurable disease. Today, we have many patients who are living 10, 20, or even 25 years after their initial myeloma diagnosis.

But there is more work to be done.

With research that translates advances in the laboratory into breakthrough clinical treatments, clinicians and scientists at the Myeloma Center work together toward a common goal:  improve patient outcomes and cure more patients.

Let’s Start Fundraising

Turn your desire to support our innovative research into action by fundraising to benefit the Myeloma Center.   Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

It’s helpful to create a list of potential donors, such as friends, family members, co-workers, professional and other network members, and social media connections.

Once you have identified your target list of donors, the next step is to ask for their support.  Remember, you don’t get what you don’t ask for, so make sure you are asking! The worst someone can say to you is, “no.” So, just go for it!

Make it personal.  Share your story so that donors understand why it is so important to you.  Remind them that 100% of every donation is directed to research at the Myeloma Center.

Below are some templates of suggested language, but the more personal you make it, the more people will relate to you and the Myeloma Center.

There are three primary ways to ask for donations:  In person, via email, and through social media. 

In Person

When you ask for a donation in person, you have a unique opportunity to show potential donors just how passionate you are about the cause. They will see it in the words you use and the excitement on your face as you describe how critical research funding is in bringing cures to more patients battling multiple myeloma and related blood cancers.  Tell them why fighting cancer is important you and how the Ride for Research impacts you, your loved ones, or even them!


Email is a great place to start fundraising efforts because it is a direct ask and it allows you to reach many people.  If you start with a template, spend some time personalizing it, so that your message is crafted to ask and tell your potential donors why you are fundraising.   The more personal and inspiring, the more likely you will get donations!

Don’t forget the subject line!  Be sure to make it short and compelling.   It’s not only your first impression, but it’s your opportunity to get someone to open your message.

Check out sample email templates for both riders and non-riders to help you get started.

Sample Fundraising Email Template for Rider

Sample Fundraising Email Template for Non-Rider 

Social Media

#Get Social!  You might be surprised by the support you will receive by incorporating social media as a way to engage potential donors. Consider using Facebook, Instagram, a blog, or other platform to ask for donations, recognize donors, share you story, and update friends.  If you choose to set up a personal fundraising page, be sure to include the link in your posts!

Be sure to tag us, too.  Search for @UAMS Myeloma Center on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Social Media Graphics and Flyer