MammovanScreening Saves Lives
Read about a Hermitage woman whose bilateral breast cancer was found thanks to the MammoVan.

The MammoVan makes it possible for women across Arkansas to benefit from UAMS’ mammography services close to home.

A mobile mammography unit, the MammoVan regularly travels the state offering efficient and quick screening mammogram services.

The MammoVan is outfitted with the most advanced digital mammography equipment and is staffed by a certified mammography technologist and a technical assistant.

Patients receive their test results within two to three weeks. Results also are sent to each patient’s primary care physician. If the mammogram shows a potential abnormality, the patient is referred for follow-up to the appropriate services.

The unit is handicap accessible, with a wheelchair lift entering directly into the mammography suite. It also is designed to accommodate women in a standing or seated position.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 1-800-259-8794.


What people are saying

“I would definitely come back to the Mammovan! It was so easy, and everyone was very friendly! I have recommended it to all my friends and family!”   – Christine

“The Mammovan saved my life. My last mammogram was several years ago and I was waiting until I turned 65 to have my next one. Who knows what the cancer could have done if it wasn’t detected by the Mammovan staff.”   – Patricia

“I missed my last mammogram because I lost my medical insurance. I saw the advertisement for the Mammovan and called to set up an appointment. It was very nice to have the Mammovan come to my community because the closest hospital is over an hour away. I am very pleased with the care I received.”  – Terrie

“I loved the Mammovan and have told a lot of people about the service. I didn’t even have to take off from work to go to my appointment. It’s very convenient.”  – Betty

Mammovan Events

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