Breast Cancer TeamThe UAMS Breast TEAM™ (Together Empowering Advances in Medicine) knows that every case of breast cancer is unique and that every patient requires individualized care. Our compassionate team of nurses and physicians will listen to your concerns, evaluate your condition and make educated recommendations.

The Breast TEAM’s personalized approach means that we will analyze all of the options available when it comes to treating a breast cancer patient and, if necessary, create new ones. Thanks to advances in research, many of those advances made here at UAMS, and our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer our patients a consistent level of care unmatched anywhere in Arkansas.

Each patient is special to us and receives certain forms of treatment suited to their personal requirements. Whether it’s radiation therapy, immunotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy or a combination, our team of nurses and physicians will decide on a course of treatment that best meets each patient’s needs. UAMS offers minimally invasive biopsies with same day diagnosis.

The UAMS Breast TEAM takes its “team” approach very seriously, with surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists, researchers, scientists and engineers working together to design specialized treatment options for every patient.

All surgical and complicated cases are discussed at a weekly TEAM Treatment™ breast conference. Our doctors are faculty members at UAMS, the only teaching hospital in Arkansas, so they are current on the latest advances in the worldwide fight against breast cancer. In fact, our breast cancer specialists have made numerous advances of their own that are already changing and saving lives.

If you do receive a diagnosis of breast cancer, evaluations and advanced surgical procedures are carefully coordinated to provide excellent care. With the help of our patients, the Breast Team is exploring new avenues of treating breast cancer. Every step taken is done with the patient’s needs in mind, and every step leads us closer to a cure.

To reach the Breast Cancer Clinic at UAMS, please call 501-686-5669.

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