The first consultation is an important information gathering session.  We will provide you with information explaining what radiation is, what it is no, and how radiation therapy may affect you both short and long-term.  We will provide education on your stage of cancer, the location of the cancer in your body, and the different radiation therapy treatments that are available for you.

One of our registered nurses will perform a comprehensive nursing assessment.  Then you will meet with the radiation oncologists that specializes in your specific cancer, who will discuss the details of your medical history and current symptoms.

After the initial consultation, you may be asked to undergo additional tests or imaging studies to gather all the information necessary to formulate your treatment plan.


During this session, you will receive a planning CT simulation.  At this time, we will position your body the same way you would be positioned during your radiation treatment.  Your treatment position will vary based on the location of your cancer.

A custom-made immobilization device will be created to assist you in reassuming the position during your radiation treatment.  In order to assist us in returning you to the correct treatment position, a series of markings will be made on your skin.
Your custom immobilization device will support you while the CT scan is being performed.  The CT simulation will give us anatomic information that will be used to design your custom radiation therapy treatment plan.

Treatment Planning
Treatment Planning

Once the CT simulation is complete, your radiation oncologist work with the dosimetrists and medical physicists to design a radiation treatment plan that maximizes the dose to the tumor while minimizing the dose to the sensitive healthy tissue close by.


  • First Treatment-You will be positioned on the treatment machine in the same position as you were during your CT simulation.  The radiation oncologists and radiation therapists are not in the room with you during treatment, but they will be able to see and hear you through a series of monitors and microphones.
  • During Treatment-You will have an On Treatment Visit with your radiation oncologist once per week while you are on treatment.  This short visit will be a time for you to discuss any questions you may have and get treatment for any side effects.  This is the best time to discuss any non-urgent concerns with your radiation oncologists.
  • Final Treatment-You will be given a follow-up appointment and instructions on any tests to have done before your next visit.  You will be given a Final Treatment Certificate and have an opportunity to ring our Final Treatment Bell in celebration.

Follow Up

The radiation oncologist will go over any test results since your final treatment.  You will be able to discuss any side effects or ask any questions you may have.