Tumor Board Meetings

Tumor Board Meetings    
SpecialtyOccurrence TimeLocationOrganizer
Head & NeckEvery Monday5:00-6:00PM4th Floor Shorey Conference Room near the Pathology areaDebra Floerchinger
Melanoma  (Cutaneous Oncology Tumor Board)1st & 3rd Monday12:00-1:00PM4th Floor Conference Room (4S/15 - Pathology Dept. Shorey Building)Michelle Uekman
MyelomaEvery Tuesday8:00-9:30AMBetsy Blass Board Room (Cancer Institute)Mia Lawson
GU Tumor4th Tuesday5:00-6:00pmDiner Conference Room (Radiology Dept.)Kayla Lyon
BreastEvery Wednesday7:00-8:00AMStrauss Classroom CI.10-17Ronda Henry-Tillman, MD
Gyn OncEvery Wednesday4:00-5:00PM4th Floor Conference Room (4S/15 - Pathology Dept. Shorey Building)Gwendolyn Cobbs
GI/HCC1st, 2nd, & 3rd Wednesday5:00-6:00PMStrauss Classroom CI.10-17Shirley Nixon
GIMSG/GI4th Wednesday4:00-5:00PMStrauss Classroom CI.10-17Shirley Nixon
LungEvery Thursday4:00-5:00PMStrauss Classroom CI.10-17Martha Thannisch
Sarcoma1st & 3rd Friday8:00-9:00AMDiner Conference Room (Radiology Dept.)Carla Beason
Leukemia/Lymphoma Transplant Planning MeetingEvery Tuesday3:00-4:00PMBetsy Blass Board Room (Cancer Institute)Haley Gass, Mallory Brown and Michelle Blackford
Brain / Spine / CNS (NeuroOncology)Every Tuesday7amSpine Institute - 10th FloorAmy Keeland