AR Comprehensive Research Informatics Suite (AR-CRIS)

The AR Comprehensive Research Informatics Suite (AR-CRIS) is a robust, multi-application research platform consisting of a group of web-based applications capable of functioning together to facilitate study center operations. These study center operations include, but are not limited to, research data collection, data submission, data analyzing, auditing, and reporting, achieving and maintaining quality data submissions. Through the use of platform integration, any of the platforms can be combined to enhance research data collection and storage for almost any type of clinical research, including single and multi-site trials and all applications are integrated into a portal allowing single-point access. Several additional platforms are currently under development to add to this suite and its capabilities. More detailed AR-CRIS application and integration workflow summaries are available within the CRIS application tutorials.

ApplicationAbbreviationKey Functions 
AR-Adverse Event Reporting SystemAR-AERS· Adverse Event (AE) assessment and adding new AEs
· Import lab-based AEs from LAEGS
· Push AEs to EMR, and OC
AR-CRIS Portal - LifeRayPortal· Entry point and single sign-on into all AR-CRIS modules
· CRIS documentation and end-user support
· Search across modules
AR-Patient Study CalendarAR-PSC· Study event choreography and scheduling
· Tracking of study activities completion
· Launch instruments in LS
· Import CLARA study budget calendar
caTissueCT· Specimen management and workflow
· Specimen ordering and shipments
Clinical Research AdministrationCLARA· IRB protocol management
· Protocol budget management
· Study contract management
· Push study shell record to EMR
Event TrackerET· Study regulatory management for submission tracking
· Electronic delegation log
· Time/service tracking per study
· Pre-study creation, administration, and support
Foundation OneF1· Import F1 genomic reports to EMR
Lab Adverse Event Grading SystemLAEGS· Auto grading Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events, CTCAE, V3-5 for lab results
LimeSurvey & Offline LimeSurveyLS· Survey data collection tool
MirthConnectMC· Data integration of CRIS modules: participant broadcast from RPRS to PSC, CT, caAERS, OC, and LS
· Pulling Lab results and patient scheduling messages from EMR
· Push AEs to EMR
OpenClinicaOC· 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, electronic data capture tool
· Creation of electronic case report forms (eCRFs)
· Discrepancy management, source data verification, etc.
Participant Pre-Screening SystemPSS· Management tool for participant pre-screening workflow
RedCapRedCap· Electronic data capture tool
· Creation of electronic case report forms (eCRFs)
Research Participant Registration SystemRPRS· Research study management system
· Research participant registration system
· Pushes research participants study association status to EMR and other AR-CRIS applications
SQL Server Reporting ServicesSSRS· Microsoft reporting tool
Sugar Customer Relationship ManagementSugar CRM· Customer relationship management for community engagement and cancer control
Text Information Extraction SystemcaTIES· Concept code generation from free text path reports
TrialSearch· Internal facing clinical studies recruitment tool
· Displays basic study information and include up-to-date documents
· Training module integrated to ET delegation
TrialsToday (TT)o Public facing clinical studies recruitment tool
o Displays basic study information from