Through its Disease Oriented Committees (DOCs), the Cancer Institute focuses clinical care and research on distinct cancer disease sites. This focus improves quality and efficiency in the care, teaching and research processes, optimizes use of resources and stimulates and develops new collaborative research ideas.

Each DOC will be led by a coordinator(s). Both a surgical and medical coordinator will co-lead where multidisciplinary care and academic goals exist. The coordinators will be appointed by the Cancer Service Line (CSL) director in collaboration with the faculty member’s department and division chair. The DOC coordinators will form a council that will hold meetings monthly. The council will elect a chair and chair-elect for two-year terms, who will be responsible for directing these meetings to address issues and policies which are Cancer Service Line-wide. There will be three committees: Clinical, Research, and Education/Outreach. These council meetings will also be a venue for discussions with the CSL administration.

The DOC membership is open to all providers and scientists interested in the diseases within the DOC. Faculty members may belong to more than one DOC.

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