UAMS MammoVan

To make an appointment, call (800) 259-8794. Walk-ins are welcome but may experience a short wait.

The MammoVan regularly travels throughout Arkansas providing digital screening mammograms and breast care education.

The three-room mobile unit is outfitted with the most advanced digital mammography equipment and is staffed by a certified mammography technologist and a technical assistant.

Patients receive their test results within one to two weeks. Results also will be sent to each patient’s primary care physician. If the mammogram shows a potential abnormality, the patient will be referred for follow-up to the appropriate services.

The unit is handicap accessible, with a wheelchair lift entering directly into the mammography suite. The mammography unit also is designed to accommodate women in a standing or seated position.


THRIVE (Together on the Highway to Rejoice In health as Victors Enfolded in Strength) is a UAMS research study that is looking to find the best ways to help breast cancer survivors lose weight and have better quality of life.

THRIVE participants will be randomly assigned to either a six-month weight-loss program or a six-month quality of life program. Both programs are group based, will meet regularly, and will be led by trained community leaders.