The Therapeutic Sciences program is focused on developing hypotheses and evidenced-based translational strategies for improved cancer treatment. Emphasis is placed on technology associated with target identification and validation that continues with the discovery, development, and design of biological therapies and drug agents. This is followed by preclinical and clinical trials. Our objective is to optimize therapies through the generation, integration, and translation of scientific information between the bench and the bedside, the patient and the population.

The scientific goals of the program are to:

  • Design mechanism-based therapies tested in preclinical models.
  • Discover and validate novel therapeutic targets.
  • Conduct early phase translational clinical trials of novel therapies.

Program members have a wide range of expertise, from medicinal chemistry and cancer biology, to “omics” and nano-technology. They also bring practical experience to the table of applying for Investigational New Drug (IND) applications and conducting IND studies and clinical trials. These complementary areas of expertise provide the opportunities for cutting-edge translational research.

Program Leader

Hong-Yu Li, Ph.D.
Hong-Yu Li, Ph.D.