The Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute provides access to technologies, services, and scientific consultation that enhance scientific interaction and productivity. The support of shared resources for the Cancer Institute provides stability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, access to specialized technology, and methodology and quality control.

The primary users of shared resources are Cancer Institute investigators with peer-reviewed, funded projects–a standard assuring that Cancer Institute funds support high-quality research.

Some types of shared resources, such as biostatistics, informatics, and clinical protocol and data management, provide core resources that are not supported by specific research grant mechanisms.

The following pages provide a brief description of each shared resource and contact information for the key personnel. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the director or manager of the resource.

contact: Jeannette Lee, Ph.D., Director

Bioinformatics (Developing Shared Resource)
contact: Stephanie Byrum, Ph.D., Director

Genomics (Developing Shared Resource)
contact: Donald Johann Jr., M.D., Director

contact: Samuel Mackintosh, Ph.D., or Rick Edmondson, Ph.D., Co-Directors

Translational Pathology
 contact: Steven Post, Ph.D., Director