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Do you appreciate world-class science? Do you share a passion for better cancer treatments for all?

Consider joining the Envoys.

The Envoys are advocates whose mission is to advance the outreach efforts of the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute by promoting its physicians, scientists, programs and vision within their communities and beyond. There are no giving requirements and no set hours to participate.

To learn more about the Envoys, call 501-686-6113.

2019-2020 Envoys Board Officers

  • Jenny Long, Chair
  • Sheryl McKelvey, Vice Chair
  • Debby Linton-Ferguson, Secretary

Envoy’s Ambassador Program

Specific Aims:  The aim of the Envoy Ambassador Program (EAP) is to educate individuals about the Cancer Institute, establish new relationships with leaders within the community, and cultivate new donors, auxiliary members, Envoy board members and future Foundation Fund board members.  In addition, the EAP will expand the active base of the Envoys and create leaders within the organization who will become advocates for the Cancer Institute.

Rationale:  It is very important to engage the young, professional stakeholders within the community and provide opportunities for their businesses and organizations to take part in the various activities, programs and services the Cancer Institute provides.  So many Arkansans do not know about the Cancer Institute or about its programs, research, cutting edge treatments and cancer prevention activities.  This program is a way to educate the next generation of community leaders about the Cancer Institute and its value to our state.  This program will expand our educated base and lead to valuable connections.

Method:  The EAP is made up of 20-25 individuals who are hand-selected by the current Envoy Board members and foundation staff.  There is no cost to become an Ambassador.  However, the individual’s employer must approve of their participation, and they cannot miss more than one education session.  The inaugural class completed the first year with 23 participants.  Each graduating class is to provide one to two names of future Ambassadors to replace them in the EAP.  The program has a kick-off/welcome event in the evening where dinner is provided and Dr. Hutchins and Dr. Westbrook provide a historical perspective of the Cancer Institute, its current structure and future.  This welcome event will take place on August 2018.  The other four educational sessions will take place in October 2018, January 2019, and February 2019 and conclude in March 2019.  The topics covered at each session are determined by the Envoy Board.  The sessions will consist of a variety of topics including the impact of cancer on Arkansas; a panel update on the previous Seeds of Science grantees; a panel discussion/case presentation on chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as well as genetics.  Each presentation will conclude with a question and answer session where the Ambassadors can really engage the physicians, scientists and medical staff.  Each session is held in the Betsy Blass Boardroom on the 10th floor of the Walker Tower.  The sessions take place during the Noon hour, so lunch is provided to the Ambassadors.