Research Vision and Focus

research-visionAs one of the best treatment centers for multiple myeloma and related diseases, we are changing the way research is conducted.  Translational research is scientific research that facilitates the translation of basic science discoveries into clinical applications that improve the health of patients.  At the Myeloma Center, this is achieved through our interactive, multi-disciplinary collaborations between clinicians and basic scientists working towards a common goal: improving patient outcomes and advancing the cure.  The Myeloma Center is built around this vision by integrating ground-breaking research and clinical care in state-of-the-art facilities to develop novel treatments that meet the needs of patients around the globe.

Our vision encompasses several initiatives:

  • Identifying the causes of multiple myeloma through an understanding of environmental and genetic factors and their interaction with cancer cells on disease progression and outcomes. Learn more.
  • Investigating the genetics and epigenetics of myeloma to identify targeted, or personalized, treatment approaches that improve patient care and outcomes. Learn more.
  • Understanding the biology of how a normal plasma cell changes into a cell with the characteristics of a myeloma stem cell, eventually resulting in high-risk myeloma that is resistant to treatment. Learn more.
  • Employing effective therapies up front to kill as much of the myeloma cells at the outset and to incorporate novel agents for a newly designed total treatment approach. Learn more.
  • Creating a robust clinical trial portfolio that offers newly diagnosed and relapsed and/or refractory patients access to promising treatments.
  • Establishing a comprehensive myeloma tissue bank and database with detailed clinical annotation.
  • Developing partnerships and collaborations that advance the translation of our discoveries into the clinical development of novel agents.