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The Significance of Membership

The mission of the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute is to translate today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s strategies to effectively reduce cancer throughout its continuum from disease prevention, initiation, and detection, to its progression and treatment.  The Cancer Institute relies on the research capacity and intellectual capital of its researchers and investigators, its clinicians, staff and community partners to facilitate a culture of innovation dedicated to reducing cancer morbidity and mortality.

The Cancer Institute provides:

  • An environment to stimulate, support and facilitate multi- and transdisciplinary collaborations among academic researchers, clinicians and community stakeholders that synergize cancer investigation with a single focus to lessen cancer’s negative impact.
  • Excellence in translating discoveries made in the laboratory, the clinic and the community into new applications that enhance cancer prevention, diagnosis, care and survivorship.
  • A high caliber technology infrastructure for research and patient care.
  • A sustainable resource for clinical care and patient access to effective, advanced, and novel therapies.
  • A conduit to address cancer health disparities in the context of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Cancer Institute-supported shared resources based on type of membership and resource availability. (For example, NIH-funded investigators may have priority of use.)
  • Eligible to apply for targeted funding, developmental funds, and interim research support as available or offered by the Cancer Institute (with additional eligibility requirements).
  • Eligible to participate in program development planning.
  • Eligible for marketing, posting, and features on the Cancer Institute web site and other activities as developed by the Cancer Institute.
  • Assistance with philanthropic activity for Cancer Institute-designated program areas.
  • Eligible to apply for start-up packages, bridge funding, or Cancer Institute-supported leadership positions.
  • Access to Cancer Institute meeting facilities.

Membership Categories

Membership in the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute is available through application to any UAMS faculty member who is engaged in cancer research or is actively pursuing cancer-related research projects. Areas of cancer research include basic, translational and clinical research, pharmaceutical sciences, population sciences, and behavior and psychosocial science. The following membership categories and requirements were developed in accordance with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) guidelines to ensure that the Cancer Institute meets the requirements of an NCI p30 Cancer Center Support Grant. All members must agree to the objectives set forth above in the Significance of Membership as well as to the Cancer Center Mission. Two classes of cancer center membership are defined based on criteria established by Senior Leadership of the Cancer Institute:

Full Member

Full members engage in independent cancer-related research with demonstrated commitment to cancer research through scientific productivity, as evidenced by publishing cancer-related articles in peer-reviewed journals within the past two years AND at least one of the following:

  • Engages in independent cancer-related research with scientific productivity;
  • Has published a cancer-related article in a peer-reviewed journal within the past two years;

      AND at least one of the following:

  • Conducts cancer research as a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-investigator (Co-I) of a current or recent (within the last two years) cancer research grant funded by the NCI, NIH or one of NCI’s approved peer-review funding organizations; K awards and other training grants are excluded.
  • Conducts cancer research as a PI of a cancer-related subproject on a multi-component peer-reviewed grant (eg. SPORE, P01, P20);
  • Serves as site PI for cancer-focused cooperative group clinical research (eg. site PI for SWOG, GOG, etc.);
  • Conducts cancer research as a PI or Co-I of a peer-reviewed funded cancer-related investigator-initiated clinical trial, or;
  • Is an individual of strategic importance to the research mission of the Cancer Institute as determined by a research program leader and the Cancer Institute Executive Director.

 Associate Member

  • Demonstrates an interest in cancer research through previous cancer-related research grant funding or publications;

      AND at least one of the following:

  • Is actively applying for funding to support cancer-related research;
  • Conducts cancer research as a PI or Co-I of a current or recent (within the last two years) cancer research grant funded by a non-peer-reviewed funding organization
  • Conducts cancer-related research as a PI, Co-I or sub-I of an IRB-approved clinical trial;
  • Conducts cancer-related research as a PI or Co-I of an IACUC-approved study.
  • Individuals without a history of cancer-related research who are currently pursuing funding for a cancer-related project (including K awards and other training grants) may be approved for associate membership at the discretion of Cancer Institute leadership.

Membership Responsibilities

Full and Associate Members of the Cancer Institute are expected to do the following:

Research Responsibilities

  • Clearly and consistently demonstrate collaboration and interaction with other Cancer Institute investigators.
  • Inform Research Program leaders of cancer-related intramural research proposals and extramural grant applications to which the member plans to apply or from which an award has been received. Keeping leaders informed of grant activity allows them to better plan and implement programs.
  • Support the Cancer Institute’s mission, goals, and priorities.

Administrative Responsibilities

Membership Application and Review

Membership in the Cancer Institute is open to all UAMS faculty. The application process begins with completion of the online membership application. Applications undergo review by research program co-leaders, an administrative committee and the Cancer Institute Executive Director. Following review, the applicant will receive notice of membership via email. Annual review of Cancer Institute members by Cancer Institute senior leadership may result in a change in membership category or status. The Cancer Institute Executive Director has final authority on approval, disapproval, or termination of membership. All questions regarding membership should be directed to Dorothy Graves,