September 14, 2015

Understanding Your Multiple Myeloma Genetics and Why You Need to Know

Originally from the UK but now at UAMS, Dr. Gareth Morgan, MD, PhD believes it to be a very valuable test and uses the information that the test provides to alter treatment approaches. He notes:

We did significant work comparing the GEP70 to i-FISH, the interface FISH which people out there use as a standard and there is no doubt that the GEP70 was more accurate, shall we say, at identifying patients with high-risk behavior. It doesn’t identify all of the high-risk behavior, but if you are GEP70 positive, your clinical outcome is going to be aggressive and you are sure that people are going to relapse early and if you know that data, you alter your clinical approach to treatment – that is very, very clear and that is becoming more obvious. So it is good. It doesn’t identify all high-risk patients and in low risk there are some people with high-risk behavior, but if you are positive, you are sure that people are going to behave badly and need their treatment altered.

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