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Nutrition therapy is very important for patients receiving cancer-related treatment such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy or other medications. Oncology Nutrition offers medical nutrition therapy to help patients achieve optimal nutrition care during treatment.

There are many metabolic changes that occur during cancer and its treatment, and it is common for people to experience unwanted side effects such as taste changes, constipation, diarrhea, high blood sugar, dry mouth, swallowing difficulties, or nausea and vomiting. Medical nutrition therapy can help reduce and/or manage side effects and promote a stable weight.

To contact the UAMS Outpatient Nutrition Department, call 501-526-6477.

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Amanda Tennyson
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Why is Nutrition Important?

Nutrition therapy is an important part of cancer treatment. Nutrition plays a significant role in the care and management of people who have been newly diagnosed with cancer, those currently undergoing treatment, and those who are in remission and trying to prevent recurrence.

Choosing the right balance of foods can help patients maintain their strength and energy during treatment and improve their overall health after treatment. Eating healthy can help prevent nutrient deficiencies, preserve lean body mass, and minimize nutrition related side effects of cancer and its treatment.

Professional knowledge and the most up-to-date research shows that successful treatment is connected with maintaining the patient’s “usual” weight beginning at diagnosis and continuing through therapy and recovery.

Who meets with the dietitian?
Your cancer care team can refer you to our registered dietitians or you can refer yourself if you have a nutrition concern before, during, or after cancer treatment.

Does my insurance cover nutrition services?
Many insurance plans will cover your visit with a registered dietitian. If you are unsure, call your provider and ask if you are eligible to see a registered dietitian. If you do not have coverage, please contact the office to discuss billing options.

What are the benefits of medical nutrition therapy?

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling
  • Improvements in quality of life
  • Early intervention for cancer-related symptoms and side effects of the disease or its treatment
  • Recommendations for adequate calories, protein and other nutrients to offset the effects of altered metabolism
  • Preventing delays in necessary treatments by decreasing side effects

Location and Directions
UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute
1st Floor – Patient Support Pavilion

Please check in at the desk and your registered dietitian will be notified of your arrival.
Parking is available in Parking 3 at the corner of Cedar and Capitol.