The Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute is home to the only cancer genetics clinic in Arkansas. The clinic primarily sees people with rare cancers, early-onset cancers or unusual presentations of cancer from across the state and region.

While a person does not inherit cancer from their parents, they can inherit a predisposition to developing cancer. The Cancer Genetics Clinic can help families understand their predisposition to cancer and offer guidance to individuals on how potentially to reduce the risk of developing cancer in the future.

UAMS has the only board-certified geneticists who diagnose, manage and treat complex cancer syndromes, of which there are more than 50. Cancer genetics counselors work with the geneticist and are a vital part of the team to help families understand their genome and its implications in cancer prevention.

Although any doctor can order genetic testing — which is conducted using a blood or saliva sample — the process can be daunting. Abnormal results must be put into context for a specific patient and family in this rapidly changing field and no two cases are the same.

To make an appointment, call 501-296-1200.
For more information, call the Cancer Genetics Clinic at 501-686-5655

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