If you would like to speak to a social worker, call 501-603-1612 or talk to your nurse.

Cancer affects not only the patient but also everyone close to him or her. The Cancer Institute social workers are available to you and your support system throughout your time with us.

Clinical oncology social workers are available in every Cancer Institute clinic. Our social workers have special training in the needs of cancer patients and families and have spent time walking with many people through their experience with cancer. 

Being your advocate and helping you navigate the medical system are ways a social worker can help you. They also can provide you with resources for financial assistance with some of the extra expenses you may have. 

And since this disease brings you and your family into a different place with new challenges, your social worker can help you understand and move through the emotions that come with this disease — emotions that are normal with cancer but sometimes unfamiliar territory for people. 

Talking through what is happening and how you feel about it can help reduce stress, sadness or worries. You are invited at any time to talk one on one with one of our social workers or participate in a support group.